O-Series Fire Response System

Get the added safety of the Dexter Fire Response System. This system continuously monitors the temperature inside the dryer drum, even long after the cycle is complete. If an unexpected increase in temperature occurs it will automatically activate the multi-level system to protect the people under your care, help preserve your equipment, and allow for a prompt response to the situation.

Three Levels of Protection

Level 1: Sense

STANDARD ON ALL O-SERIES DRYERS All O-Series dryers come standard with our Level 1 - Sense System. When an unexpected increase in temperature occurs, the system will trigger an alarm and begin to tumble in an attempt to smother and control the fire.

Level 2: Spray

OPTIONAL UPGRADE WITH WATER HOOKUPS When an unexpected increase in temperature occurs on a water equipped model the system will trigger the Level 2 – Spray System. This will trigger the alarm and the machine will intermittently spray water into the cylinder while it is tumbling to disperse the water throughout the load. The intermittent spraying will provide enough water to reduce the fire while limiting damage to the equipment.

Level 3: Dowse

OPTIONAL UPGRADE WITH WATER HOOKUPS In the unlikely event that the temperature continues to rise, the Level 3 - Dowse System will be activated in water equipped models. When the emergency temperature is reached the machine will turn the water on fully to completely dowse the load.

For more details on the information shown here download the full guide.

Fire Response System Guide

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