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  • Think Different. Think Dexter.

    Introducing the Dexter Family of Stack Washer-Dryers

    Dexter stack washer-dryers are ideal for installations where space is limited. For vended applications, a store built with all three sizes is the perfect solution to maximize a small footprint while still providing size options for your customer. For on-premise applications that don’t have space for a standard washer and dryer, stack washer-dryers are an ideal choice.

  • Limited Space with a lot of laundry? Meet the new Dexter T-750 50# Stack Washer-Dryer.

    The new Dexter T-750 50 lb Express stack washer-dryer is the first of its kind.

    With 50 lbs of laundry capacity in just 13.5 square feet of space, this combination unit provides a full laundry solution in a single footprint. This makes it ideal for laundries with limited space. Every T-750 SWD comes standard with 200 g-force washer extraction and a reversing dryer tumbler. These features result in a dry-to-dry time of less than one hour. Whether you’re looking to add capacity to your vended laundry or you have limited space for your on-premise laundry operation, this machine can help you efficiently maximize the space you have available.

    Like all Dexter products, the T-750 SWD is engineered to show up for work in even the harshest laundry environments and with lifetime technical support and an industry leading warranty, you can be confident that we stand behind every machine you invest in.

  • Introducing the NEW T-50 Single Pocket Reversing Dryer

    We make it our mission to improve the laundry experience.

    We know that drying bedding and extra-large loads can be a time-consuming but vital process for your business. That's why we've developed a faster, more efficient dryer. Our new 50 lb on-premise single pocket dryer with a reversing cylinder is factory pre-set to change the tumbling direction throughout the cycle. This reversing action can dramatically reduce tangling, and significantly cut dry times. This allows you to process laundry faster and more efficiently

    Like all Dexter dryers, our new reversing T-50 dryer is built with high-quality materials, screw-resistant tumblers, balanced radial airflow, and the right amount of air recirculation to maximize efficiency. With heavy-duty bearings in a cast iron housing and a fully welded and painted cabinet, there is no doubt that Dexter dryers are built to withstand even the harshest laundry environments. This gives us the confidence to back every dryer with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.