T-750 SWD Express 50 lb C-Series Vended Stack Washer-Dryer

  • Dry Weight Capacity50 lb (22.7 kg)
  • Overall Height87 3/16” (221.5 cm)
  • Overall Width34 1/2” (87.6 cm)
  • Overall Depth56 5/8’’ (138.7 cm)

Product Description

Dexter C-Series vended T-750 stack washer-dryers are engineered to show up for work in even the harshest laundry environments. Featuring DexterLive controls, next generation components, and high quality materials, these space saving combination units are designed to help make you more successful.

A store full of laundry equipment is a big investment and choosing the right equipment is an important decision. Our products will provide you the efficiency, flexibility, performance, and durability you need to be confident in your choice. With lifetime technical support and an industry leading warranty, you can be confident that we will stand behind every stack washer-dryer you invest in.

Product Features


With heavy-duty bearings in cast iron bearing housings, welded steel spiders and shafts, and rugged frame and cabinet designs, Dexter stack washer-dryers are built to last.

The washer design has been tested thoroughly with our 1,000 hour test.

The polished chrome doors and AISI 304 stainless steel tub, cylinder, and panels keep machines looking great for years.

The screw resistant tumbler hole pattern minimizes tumbler damage.


We offer an industry leading 10 year limited warranty on the washer unit and a 5 year limited warranty on the dryer.

A 3 year parts warranty covers the rest.

We stand behind every machine you invest in with lifetime technical support.


With a dry-to-dry time of less than one hour, the Dexter stack washer-dryer works fast and efficiently.

Powerful Express 200 g-force extraction removes more water to reduce dry time and helps save on energy costs.

The electronic pressure switch offers a range of water level options to increase efficiency and help save water.

This dryer features a reversing tumbler to help prevent roping with large linens.


This combination unit provides a full laundry solution in a single footprint and is ideal for laundries with limited space.

The adjustable final extract speed allows the unit to fit almost any location.

As shipped, this Dexter product fits through a standard 36” door way.


Every Dexter machine is now easier to use with a common user interface on all products, multiple language options, and detailed customer prompts.

DexterLive controls work with DexterLive.com to allow you to create custom programs that fit your business.

A variety of PLUS cycle features and promotion options will help you maximize revenue generation.


Available with blue or black graphics, stainless steel or galvanized dryer tumblers, and chrome or stainless steel dryer doors.

Your machines can be shipped with coin acceptors or payment system ready.

Gas models, with propane kits available.

Machine Specifications

For full specifications on the T-750 SWD Express 50 lb C-Series Vended Stack Washer-Dryer, please look below.

Overall Specifications
Dry Weight Capacity (per machine)50 lb(22.7 kg)
Washer Cylinder Volume6.5 cu ft(184.1 L)
Dryer Cylinder Volume15.8 cu ft(447.4 L)
Washer High Extract Speed200 g(685 RPM)
Washer Intermediate Extract Speed60 g(375 RPM)
Washer Washing Speed0.9 g(43 RPM)
Washer Motor Size3 hp(2.2 kW)
Dryer Tumbler Speed45 RPM
Dryer Motor Size2 hp & 1/2 hp(1.5 & 0.38 kW)
Airflow (Dryer Only)
60Hz Model650 cfm(18.4 M3/min)
50Hz Model510 cfm(14.4 M3/min)
Overall Height87 3/16”(221.5 cm)
Overall Width34 1/2”(87.6 cm)
Overall Depth56 5/8’’(138.7 cm)
Washer Cylinder Diameter30”(76.2 cm)
Washer Cylinder Depth16”(40.6 cm)
Washer Door Opening19 1/4”(48.9 cm)
Floor to Washer Door Bottom16”(40.6 cm)
Dryer Cylinder Diameter32 1/2”(82.5 cm)
Dryer Cylinder Depth33”(83.8 cm)
Dryer Door Opening25 5/8”(65.1 cm)
Floor to Dryer Door Bottom55 1/8”(140 cm)
Dryer Lint Screen Area544 sq in(3510 sq cm)
Net Weight1600 lbs(725.7 kg)
Shipping Information
Shipping Weight1650 lbs(748.4 kg)
Shipping Height91 5/8”(232.7 cm)
Shipping Width35 7/8”(91.1 cm)
Shipping Depth63 1/2”(161.3 cm)
Installation Recommendations
Minimum Clearance Between Machines1/2”(1.3 cm)
Minimum Clearance Behind Machines24”(61 cm)
Minimum Concrete Thickness8”(20.3 cm)
Make-Up Air Required1 sq ft(929 sq cm)
Exhaust Size8”(230.3 cm)
Washer Requirements
Water Requirements
Water Inlet Size3/4”(19 mm)
Flow Rate (per min)9 gal(34.1 L)
Pressure (min/max)30-120 psi(207-827 kPa)
Approximate Water Usage (per cycle)53.5 gal(202.5 L)
Approximate Hot Water Usage (per cycle)10.5 gal(39.7 L)
Drain Diameter (O.D.)3”(7.6 cm)
Floor to Center of Drain6 5/8”(16.8 cm)
Electrical Requirements
Model Volts / Hz / Phase / WiringCircuit Breaker / Running Amps / Wire Size
-12 208-240/60/1/2 wire + ground20 amp / 8.4 amp / #12
-12 208-240/60/3/3 wire + ground20 amp / 8.4 amp / #12
-39 230/50/1/2 wire + ground20 amp / 8.4 amp / 3.5 mm2
Dryer Requirements
Gas Requirements (Gas Models Only)
Gas Supply Connection1/2”(12.7 mm)
Natural Gas Supply (Water Column)5-10”(12.7 - 25.4 cm)
LP Gas Supply (Water Column)11 1/2-14”(29.2 - 35.5 cm)
Gas Usage (Gas Models Only)
60Hz Model108,000 BTU/hr(31.7 kW)
50Hz Model96,000 BTU/hr(28.3 kW)
Electrical Requirements
Gas Models
Model Volts / Hz / Phase / WiringCircuit Breaker / Running Amps / Wire Size
-11 208-240/60/1/2 wire + ground15 amp / 8 amp / #12
-39 230/50/1/2 wire + ground15 amp / 8 amp / 3.5 mm2
Agency Approvals*

Due to continuous product improvements specifications are subject to change, please consult the installation manual for the most accurate information.
*Agency approvals may vary depending on the machine configuration, consult Dexter Laundry or your Dexter Authorized Distributor for details.